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Month: September 2009

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  • Michael Moore has quite the rant at #TIFF09 on how capitalism killed the newspaper: #
  • How to cure your asthma by infesting yourself with Hookworms: #
  • Creation too ‘controversial’ for American audiences: – would be a shame if it didn’t get US dist. It’s a great movie. #
  • wonder how much crossover there is between Michael Moore’s 40mil illiterate americans and the 55% or so who don’t believe in evolution #
  • I don’t care about the VMAs or MTV or anyone involved, I haven’t even seen the clip, but I say it was staged: #
  • Exactly – RT @SuzeMuse: @dsamojlenko a.k.a there’s no such thing as bad publicity. 🙂 #
  • Wish I was checking out Bad Lieutenant tonight at #TIFF #
  • Why didn’t I know that Nick Cave is in Ottawa tonight doing a reading from his new novel? Damn, I can’t make it… #
  • I get to DJ a private party at one of my favourite restaurants downtown tonight! #

My Tumblr Experiment

Over the past week I’ve started playing around with micro-blogging system Tumblr (see my Tumblelog here).  I’ve been using it to post images and quotes and videos and short links that I normally wouldn’t publish here and are not really appropriate for Twitter – stuff that when crammed into url shorteners and reduced to 140 chars just don’t really work.

I admit that I’m kinda spreading my online publishing a little thin between this site, Twitter, Tumblr, YouTube, Flickr, Facebook and etc, but I haven’t figured out if this fills in some little niche that wasn’t previously addressed, or if I’m just being silly and caught up in the newness (to me) of it, but I’m having fun with it and wanted to share it here.

Ideally all of this stuff will eventually come together somewhere (probably here in some form) to consolidate my online identity.  I’ve been playing around with ideas and really that’s what this is about – playing and learning and having fun – this is a personal site after all, and these are the things I’m interested in.  For now, check out my Tumblr for quick posts and images and silliness, this site for my travels and interests and longer form content, YouTube and Flickr for obvious reasons, and for a semi-constant stream of what I’m up to, follow me on Twitter.  Oh, and I almost forgot about my shared items on Google Reader.

I promise someday this will all make sense in a more cohesive context.

recently on

  • Sitting on a patio enjoying some refreshments! Awesome day! #
  • Just added another film to our #TIFF09 lineup: the Canadian film Passenger Side by Matthew Bissonnette. On our way in a little over 24hrs! #
  • NICE! Just added another to our #TIFF09 list: A Serious Man by The Coen Brothers! tht it was sold out, but took a shot and tix came up! #
  • Cool new iPod Nano with video, microphone, speaker, FM tuner, pedometer… why no camera for the rest of the line? #
  • Genius Playlists kinda rocks #
  • ha! I was about to send an email wherein I mention attached files but forgot the attachment, and Gmail – like a good friend – reminded me! #
  • Agreed – HATE scalpers! RT @CAMERON_TIFF: This is appalling: #
  • #TIFF09:Here we come! Bags (almost) packed, flight in a few hours, heading for a great TIFF kickoff at MMadness tonight! #
  • Happy TIFF to all! RT @pink_lolly: Hello to some new #TIFF09 #TIFF followers!! Here’s to an amazing week ahead.. All for the love of film 🙂 #
  • Crap! Forgot my camera at home… Oh well, may be a picture-free TIFF this year… #
  • About to board the plane – see you soon #TIFF09! #
  • Great kickoff to the fest 2nite at midnight madness with Jennifer’s Body – great fun flick – Megan Fox and Amanda Seyfreid were hot! #TIFF09 #
  • Diablo Cody was good fun at the Q&A – “put it in!” – Booo to the paps who chased Megan Fox off after. #TIFF09 #
  • That was one messed up dress m fox was wearing though… Ok off to bed – got a 9:30am screening tomorrow! #TIFF09 #
  • Totally bummed that I forgot my camera… May consider buying one! #
  • Good morning all! Early start today, in line for a screening earlier than I usually show up for work! Long day today at #TIFF09 ending … #
  • It starts today with The Happiest Girl in the World #
  • Atom Egoyan is in the house #TIFF09 #
  • It’s hard to be The Happiest Girl in the World with your parents around #
  • Next up, Huacho #TIFF09 #
  • Huacho was so so… Now off to see Creation a film about Charles Darwin #
  • Big crowd out for Creation today… And umm… Kinda old… #TIFF09 #
  • Paul Bettany and Jennifer Connelly were amazing… And loved the monkey! #TIFF09 #
  • Great Q&A with director and writer of Creation #TIFF09 #
  • Now right back into the Ryerson for Perrier’s Bounty – loved this director’s entry last year, looking forward to this! #
  • Perrier’s Bounty was a riot! Now off to the Canadian road trip movie, Passenger Side #TIFF09 #
  • Passenger Side is like a road movie unlike any other… Adam Scott was great – and loved the music too! #
  • Passenger Side is like a road movie without the destination… In a good way #TIFF09 #
  • And back to the Ryerson for our last screening of the day, Daybreakers at midnight madness! #TIFF09 #
  • Oh nerds behind me in line, why do you have to be so loud and nerdy? #
  • Way in the back balcony for Daybreakers… Do not like. #
  • Love a good vampire flick – Daybreakers was awesome! #TIFF09 #
  • Was a great day at #TIFF09 – tomorrow should be comparatively shorter… Only 4 films, including The Informant! And A Serious Man #
  • Six films today was rough but also awesome #
  • Settling in for our first ever screening at the Visa Screening Room – Soderberg’s The Informant! with Matt Damon! #
  • The Informant! was hilarious! #
  • Now checking out the Canadian film All Fall Down #
  • I never walk out on movies – faced with the choice btwn sleeping in a theatre chair or drinking on a patio this gorgeous day… Guess what? #
  • Napping and conserving energy for @mmadness tonight and (hopefully) @TheDrakeHotel after for some late night drinks and dancing #TIFF09 #
  • Now heading to see the Coen Brothers’ A Serious Man – which will surely redeem our day from that snoozefest we saw this aft #TIFF09 #
  • Got amazing seats for A Serious Man! Can’t wait! Survival of the Dead later – missed the zombie walk earlier, but saw the dead out in fo … #
  • Wild crowd in the lineup for Survival of the Dead tonight! #TIFF09 #
  • Everybody up for George Romero! #
  • Survival of the Dead was bloody good fun. Romero received a hero’s welcome! #TIFF09 #
  • Another day down… Sad that we only have two films left before we gotta go home. Oh well – off to bed to dream of zombies exploding #TIFF09 #
  • Cracks was incredible – best movie I saw this wknd… Now to pack up at the hotel, then Valhalla Rising, then home… #TIFF09 #

TIFF09: Day 1 – On our way (almost)!

In a couple of hours we’ll be boarding our flight, and then a short while later we’ll land in Toronto for the opening night of TIFF09!  We’re just in town for a weekend this year but we managed to get tickets for 13 films, the big day being Friday when we’ll be in and out of the theatre all day seeing 6 films starting at 9:30am and ending sometime around 2:00am.

Tonight is the Diablo Cody written horror flick Jennifer’s Body starring Megan Fox.  I have always loved the Midnight Madness series at TIFF, and I’m so glad to be able to catch the opening night flick this year.  Actually, we’ll be catching all the midnight flicks while we’re in town, so I’m really excited about that.

I think we got a decent cross-section of films – some mainstream stuff, some indie, some Canadian, some international… since we were just buying individual tickets, obviously some of the more buzzed-about films were sold out long before we got to them.  We didn’t get a lot of first screenings, so we may not see as many Q&A’s, but that’s ok.  Most of what we got I’m pretty excited about regardless, and really it’s all about the films this week.

As I have in the past, I’m going to try to blog when/if I can, but will tweet throughout so be sure to follow me on Twitter.  Below is the trailer for Jennifer’s Body again – can’t wait to see the Midnight Madness crew out for this one tonight!