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  • Michael Moore has quite the rant at #TIFF09 on how capitalism killed the newspaper: #
  • How to cure your asthma by infesting yourself with Hookworms: #
  • Creation too ‘controversial’ for American audiences: – would be a shame if it didn’t get US dist. It’s a great movie. #
  • wonder how much crossover there is between Michael Moore’s 40mil illiterate americans and the 55% or so who don’t believe in evolution #
  • I don’t care about the VMAs or MTV or anyone involved, I haven’t even seen the clip, but I say it was staged: #
  • Exactly – RT @SuzeMuse: @dsamojlenko a.k.a there’s no such thing as bad publicity. ๐Ÿ™‚ #
  • Wish I was checking out Bad Lieutenant tonight at #TIFF #
  • Why didn’t I know that Nick Cave is in Ottawa tonight doing a reading from his new novel? Damn, I can’t make it… #
  • I get to DJ a private party at one of my favourite restaurants downtown tonight! #
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