Ron Eade: Have we all lost our minds?


Ron Eade’s weekly Supermarket Specials post has him ranting a bit, and I love him for it:

No, the real harbinger of warm weather, I say, are grocery stores beating their chests about convenience foods for the barbecue that are both overpriced and salty.

Really, how difficult is it to cut meat into cubes and impale them on a bamboo stick?

How challenged are we that we can no longer chop cabbage to make our own cole slaw?

(In one flyer, I see the claim that a chain store’s magical pork is “moisture enhanced to ensure you get a juicy and flavourful roast or rib every time.”

(My translation: We’ve added salt and bumped up the weight so you can pay meat prices for water.)

Even more galling, I notice in the fine print on flyers this week that some super-duper beef barbecue specials with oh-so-catchy brand names are “cut from Canada AAA grade beef or USDA Choice.”

Say what? American beef while our own Canadian farmers are struggling to stay in business?

Have we all lost our minds?