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I get water from a tap. Anything else seems silly.

Ron Eade on bottled water:

Yes, I suppose we can mitigate our guilt by tossing plastic bottles into a blue box recycling bin (originally promoted by the packaging industry to put an end to returnable bottles). But the fact that non-renewable petroleum is used to make beverage containers, and then more petrol is used to ship them across the countryside, and still more fossil fuel is consumed to collect and ship them back to a publicly subsidized recycling depot for (presumably) additional processing to make bad lawn furniture, makes bottled water one of the silliest products ever conceived — simply because the product is so unnecessary.

Amen, brother!

Famous Frenchy’s

Back in July Ron Eade wrote about Famous Frenchy‘s, a new burger joint in town.  Since I love a good burger, especially when they have names like “The Triple Bypass,” I figured I’d have to check it out for myself.

We walked into a smoke filled kitchen – apparently the hood fan was running at 20%.
Regardless of the smoke, they were pumping it out!

The place wasn’t packed, as it’s only been open for a few weeks – though I’m sure this will change shortly as word of mouth spreads.

As we approached the cash we were greeted by Shonn Bidner, one of the owners.  I’m a curious cat, so I pushed him for some details on the cost of opening a restaurant, food producers and suppliers, local chefs, and finally the burgers.

First things first: these aren’t gourmet burgers.  They are good old fashioned chip truck burgers. Seasoned ground beef and that’s it. No filler like eggs, bread crumbs or any other junk.  The seasoning is the secret ingredient, so of course as soon as I received my order I tried to break the code.

I was able to pickup some distinct flavours that lead me to think they were using some version of a steak spice.  I won’t try to dissect it all here, but Shonn says the secret seasoning is the brainchild of Louis Charest, executive chef for the Governor General.

The patty itself was a generous portion, cooked to perfection – nice and juicy.

My dad ordered the Triple Bypass and killed it.  This burger is a monster.  Three of their large patties piled a mile high on a burger bun.  After seeing the pic on Ron’s blog I had assumed it was served with cheese and bacon, lending some truth to it’s name.  Unfortunately @ $5.35 for this monster bacon and cheese are extra.

I guess you have to pay your own trip to the hospital. 🙂

My mom and I had the bison burger that was equally as good, and we shared a family fry with gravy on the house!
Thanks Shonn

Ron Eade: Have we all lost our minds?

Ron Eade’s weekly Supermarket Specials post has him ranting a bit, and I love him for it:

No, the real harbinger of warm weather, I say, are grocery stores beating their chests about convenience foods for the barbecue that are both overpriced and salty.

Really, how difficult is it to cut meat into cubes and impale them on a bamboo stick?

How challenged are we that we can no longer chop cabbage to make our own cole slaw?

(In one flyer, I see the claim that a chain store’s magical pork is “moisture enhanced to ensure you get a juicy and flavourful roast or rib every time.”

(My translation: We’ve added salt and bumped up the weight so you can pay meat prices for water.)

Even more galling, I notice in the fine print on flyers this week that some super-duper beef barbecue specials with oh-so-catchy brand names are “cut from Canada AAA grade beef or USDA Choice.”

Say what? American beef while our own Canadian farmers are struggling to stay in business?

Have we all lost our minds?