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A couple nights ago I decided to try my hand at making French Onion Soup, a simple dish really, but I love it and have never had a chance to make it myself.  I had some leftover Veal Stock that FineDiner Eric had given me a while back, and I figured it would be perfect for this!

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Originally posted on FineDiners.ca

Wine Marinated Braised Beef Shortribs (aka Dave's HAMMERED Beef Shortribs)

Second Time’s a charm?
So this is my second go-around with braised beef short ribs – I LOVE this dish.  Last time was great, but I couldn’t stop thinking about the ways I could improve on my first attempt, now that I had a bit of experience with braising and in particular with this cut of meat.

This time around, I had spent quite a bit more time reading up on braising and different recipes, plus I’d gotten a few more tips and tricks from FineDiner Eric, and I felt I was ready to jump back in and see if I couldn’t hit this one out of the park.

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