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Butchery 101 – Strip Loin

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The Money Shot
mmmm… steak

Busy night in the Kitchen – I was supposed to make Veal Stock.  When I was working for Biagio’s they used to dispose of the VEAL bones, so I took some home one night and froze them.  The freezer was full so I decided to make Veal stock – to my surprise, one of the two bags I pulled from the freezer was full of Chicken carcasses.  So I ended up making chicken stock – I guess I’ll post about the Veal stock another time.

Anyways, onto the butchery.  I love Costco’s meats.  Today during my shopping I purchased a Strip Loin. The Costco meat section offers Canada AAA grade beef. When purchasing the strip, I always look for good marbling. It’s sometime hard to see through the Cryovac, but if you look closely at the ends you can see the content. The strip is one of my favorite parts of the “beef”.  It’s fatty, flavourful and tender. I almost prefer this over the tenderloin. You can prepare it in several different fashions. In this article I cut NY style strip steaks and I also cut “Faux Fillets”.

In The Kitchen – Braised Beef Short Ribs

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I’m not super-experienced in the kitchen, but I’m hoping that in starting this site it’ll help encourage me to get better and try new recipes and experiment in the kitchen and that I’ll learn a few things along the way.  So this weekend I tried out one of the recipes I linked to in my first Recipe Box post last week:  Braised Beef Short Ribs.  This was my first time braising, and I know it’s not like it’s a complicated method of cooking or anything, but I was really looking forward to trying it out – it just sounds delicious!

Braised Beef Short Ribs
Braised Beef Short Ribs

Making this dish wasn’t really time-consuming (excluding the cooking time), but it tastes like it was slaved over!  I served the ribs over Yukon Gold mashed, with some roasted carrots and small white potatoes (and a glass of Chianti of course!)  This was also the first time I’ve tried plating something I’ve cooked and tried to make it look good enough to photograph… clearly I need more work in that department, but hey – it tasted great!