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Month: April 2009

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  • First softball practice of the season tonight… I see much advil in my future #
  • Look at this Fucking Hipster: #
  • wow – The Crystal Method and Matisyahu – this is awesome: #Drowninthenow #
  • “Frankly, I don’t like not existing… it saddens me” #
  • “and I’m salty like a sea captain!” #
  • Omg Better Off Ted is funny as hell – “full frontal nerdity” #
  • more new (to me) music from #bluesfest artists I’m enjoying today: Neko Case, Arkells, The Stills, Drive-By Truckers #
  • somebody really likes cilantro: #
  • (thx @mjamieson for the Hey Rosetta! rec) #
  • discovering new music by exploring #bluesfest artists – loving HOLY FUCK, Hey Rosetta!, and Land of Talk so far! #
  • holy crap – didn’t catch this before – Osheaga’s initial lineup: Coldplay, Beastie Boys, The Roots, Girl Talk.. gonna be a good summer! #
  • Got my passes for #bluesfest – huzzah! #
  • I’m still pretty damn excited about Girl Talk at #bluesfest – saw him last year in MTL and it was a mind-bending experience. You. Must. Go. #
  • pretty pumped about Girl Talk and Matisyahu though #
  • #bluesfest: Stone Temple Pilots, Our Lady Peace, Live, and Cake, hey what is this, 1992? #
  • Girl Talk is coming to !!!! #
  • Suddenly have an extra ticket for Lewis Black tonight – dm me if you’re interested #
  • #bluesfest lineup coming tomorrow a.m. – anyone hear any good rumours? wonder how accurate this “confirmed” list is: #
  • Watched Mitch Hurwitz’s new show, Sit Down, Shut Up last night… Will Arnett always makes me laugh. Henry Winkler is way too funny too. #
  • Lewis Black tonight! #
  • listening to Gomez – A New Tide – heard about them from Jim&Greg@SoundOpinions – really enjoying this sound! #
  • Happy 4.20: #
  • Finally gonna try out the burgers at Chez Lucien that I’ve heard so much about! #

Better Off Ted is the awesomest

Better Off Ted

If you’re not watching Better Off Ted, ABC’s new absurdist comedy, then YOU’RE PART OF THE PROBLEM!  As Isaac Spaceman at Throwing Things has written:

It’s time to recognize that for the last month, while some of our favorite shows conserve energy for the big season-ending sprint and others trot along unevenly, Better Off Ted has quietly been the best show on television.

I agree wholeheartedly!  Unfortunately, either because of or despite its obvious kinship with shows like Andy Richter Controls The Universe and Arrested Development, it’s probably not long for this world…  it’s been a bit of a mixed bag ratings-wise – though it seems to be building a bit of an audience.  Who knows, maybe ABC will stick with it the way NBC stuck with The Office through its lean early years.

If you get a chance, check it out for sure.  This past week’s episode in particular was great – I haven’t laughed at network television like that in a long time.