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  • First softball practice of the season tonight… I see much advil in my future #
  • Look at this Fucking Hipster: #
  • wow – The Crystal Method and Matisyahu – this is awesome: #Drowninthenow #
  • “Frankly, I don’t like not existing… it saddens me” #
  • “and I’m salty like a sea captain!” #
  • Omg Better Off Ted is funny as hell – “full frontal nerdity” #
  • more new (to me) music from #bluesfest artists I’m enjoying today: Neko Case, Arkells, The Stills, Drive-By Truckers #
  • somebody really likes cilantro: #
  • (thx @mjamieson for the Hey Rosetta! rec) #
  • discovering new music by exploring #bluesfest artists – loving HOLY FUCK, Hey Rosetta!, and Land of Talk so far! #
  • holy crap – didn’t catch this before – Osheaga’s initial lineup: Coldplay, Beastie Boys, The Roots, Girl Talk.. gonna be a good summer! #
  • Got my passes for #bluesfest – huzzah! #
  • I’m still pretty damn excited about Girl Talk at #bluesfest – saw him last year in MTL and it was a mind-bending experience. You. Must. Go. #
  • pretty pumped about Girl Talk and Matisyahu though #
  • #bluesfest: Stone Temple Pilots, Our Lady Peace, Live, and Cake, hey what is this, 1992? #
  • Girl Talk is coming to !!!! #
  • Suddenly have an extra ticket for Lewis Black tonight – dm me if you’re interested #
  • #bluesfest lineup coming tomorrow a.m. – anyone hear any good rumours? wonder how accurate this “confirmed” list is: #
  • Watched Mitch Hurwitz’s new show, Sit Down, Shut Up last night… Will Arnett always makes me laugh. Henry Winkler is way too funny too. #
  • Lewis Black tonight! #
  • listening to Gomez – A New Tide – heard about them from Jim&Greg@SoundOpinions – really enjoying this sound! #
  • Happy 4.20: #
  • Finally gonna try out the burgers at Chez Lucien that I’ve heard so much about! #
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