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Month: August 2006


Just got our selection forms and programme guide today for the Toronto International Film Festival – and I’m so fucking pumped about it!

September 8-17, Danielle and I will be in Toronto for the Festival of Festivals – we got an apartment just on the edge of Yorkville for the week, and we plan to see upwards of 20 films in the roughly 10 days we’re there. I’ll be sure to write lots – the apartment we rented is supposed to have wireless internet, so I’ll try to post lots of pictures and reviews and star sightings.

The hardest part is going to be tonight – we have to pick our films – narrowing it down is going to be tough – I easily had picked 15 films based on what I had been seeing in Press Releases before the official programme guide even came out. At lunch today, flipping through the guide, I’m sure I picked at least 15 or so more.

It’s gonna be FUN!

Pluto, you’ll always be a planet to me…

So the International Astronomical Union (whoever the hell that is), after much speculation surrounding its recent re-definition of what constitutes a planet, has officially booted Pluto out of our solar system.

Bad day for Pluto. Bad day for Science teachers too – they’ve only got a few short weeks to take a magic marker and some liquid paper to all those textbooks.

And what about all those kids who just learned about the 9 planets in our solar system? What do we tell them? What about “My Very Educated Mother Just Served Us Nine Pizzas?” And what of Mickey Mouse’s dog, Pluto? Sorry buddy, you’re now named after a celestial has-been. Better luck next time! Yeah, and all you Scorpio’s? You’re ruled by a Dwarf Planet now! Bwahahahaha!

Why, oh why put us through all this IAU? Apparently Pluto’s fall from grace is a result of its orbit overlapping that of Neptune’s. Something about how a planet must have “cleared the neighbourhood around its orbit.” Fucking Neptune. Why should Pluto have to change its orbit just because Neptune is all bloated and drunkenly stumbling around space like my uncle Mary at a corn roast!

Nope, I for one cannot accept this decision by the IAU. Pluto, it may not mean much, but to me, you’ll always be the Pizza in my mnemonic device.

A Motherfucking Post on a Motherfucking Blog!

Well, if Mike’s gonna start a blog, then I guess I can take inspiration and try posting again to mine on occasion… that, plus I got to get my motherfucking Sam Jackson on in the title of this motherfucking post. Motherfucker.

Sam sure owns the term “Motherfucker”, doesn’t he? Nobody can quite do it like him. The rest of us motherfuckers really should just stop using it and give it to him. Free and clear, that’s his word, and there’s really no point in any of us using it anymore, because we’re just not good enough at it.

Although I gotta say, Sam did really bring the word into the mainstream… you can get away with saying motherfucker in a lot more situations than you used to. This weekend I was at my parent’s cottage with my girlfriend and some friends, and I was droping motherfucking motherfuck-bombs all over the place. In front of my moms and everything. It was kinda weird at first, but she seemed to think it was pretty funny.

But that’s it. This weekend, and this post, and that’s it for me. I’m giving Motherfucker to Sam Jackson. It’s yours man, I could never really do it justice. Thanks for letting me use it for a while anyway.