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A Motherfucking Post on a Motherfucking Blog!

Well, if Mike’s gonna start a blog, then I guess I can take inspiration and try posting again to mine on occasion… that, plus I got to get my motherfucking Sam Jackson on in the title of this motherfucking post. Motherfucker.

Sam sure owns the term “Motherfucker”, doesn’t he? Nobody can quite do it like him. The rest of us motherfuckers really should just stop using it and give it to him. Free and clear, that’s his word, and there’s really no point in any of us using it anymore, because we’re just not good enough at it.

Although I gotta say, Sam did really bring the word into the mainstream… you can get away with saying motherfucker in a lot more situations than you used to. This weekend I was at my parent’s cottage with my girlfriend and some friends, and I was droping motherfucking motherfuck-bombs all over the place. In front of my moms and everything. It was kinda weird at first, but she seemed to think it was pretty funny.

But that’s it. This weekend, and this post, and that’s it for me. I’m giving Motherfucker to Sam Jackson. It’s yours man, I could never really do it justice. Thanks for letting me use it for a while anyway.

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