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A Plan For Change or a Change of Plan?

It just got more expensive to live in Ontario. A lot more. The first provincial Liberal budget in 14 years was tabled today, and Ontarians are outraged.

And rightly so. Whatever the Fiberals would have you believe, make no mistake about it – today Ontarians have been served up a steamy heaping load of broken promises and massive tax increases. (Premiums, Levies, whatever… it’s a tax increase)

First on the hit list were, of course, smokers and drinkers. With an increase of $2.50 on a carton of cigarettes, 15 cents on a bottle of wine and 45 cents on a case of beer, Ontario’s sinners are the first to feel the pinch of living under Liberal reign. But don’t worry sinners, you’ve got lots of company.

Next the liberals hit Ontario drivers with a $25 increase for licence renewal fees. Don’t drive? Don’t worry, we’ve got something for you too! How about health care premiums? Low-income earners will pay an additional $300 a year, going up to $900 for high-income earners.

Need glasses? Those eye exams are no longer covered under the provincial health plan. Physiotherapy? Chiropractic? Delisted. No doubt about it, if you live in Ontario, you will feel the hit.

Now with all the extra money coming in, you wouldn’t be expecting the Liberals to at least balance their budget this year, would you? Hope not, since they’re planning on running a $2.2 billion deficit. Oh, and they expect to continue running a deficit until 2008.

Remember the Balanced Budget Act? The one that forces politicians to run a balanced budget or give up a portion of their own salary as a penalty? This year it will cost members of cabinet about $9000 a piece up to about $17,000 for the Premier, but don’t worry about them. They plan to scrap this legislation so they don’t have to pony up for the next three years of deficits.

Aw hell, what did anyone really expect from a provincial Liberal government anyway? I’m just glad I didn’t vote for them. At the very least, maybe traditionally Red Ontarians will wise-up and oust the federal Liberals this year so at least we’re not being bent over by two levels of government.

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  1. Anonymous

    You entertain me.

  2. dsamojlenko

    jeebus that was quick – I just posted the damn thing. and it’s almost 2am! what’s anyone doing reading my blog at 2am? hell, what’s anyone doing reading my blog? anyway, glad I’m at least entertaining someone other than meself…

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