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Spicy chicken sandwich-gorithm

So Twitter open-sourced its algorithm today, and the community jumped into action to help Elon improve this platform he accidentally bought as a joke. Here are some of my favourite pull requests made to the repo today.

This helpful fix nukes the Twitter Blue amplification on the For You tab:

There were quite a few along the same lines as “Small fix to meaningfully improve the mental health of Twitter users” that just deletes the entire algorithm:

I feel like this bit of code may have been a more recent addition:

(nothing a little force-push can’t tidy up)

This one’s just a Spicy Chicken Sandwich:

Lotta LGTMs on that one.

This person raises an important question

What’s so great about The Wire?

UC Berkeley is offering a course on The Wire:

“Discerning critics and avid fans have agreed that the five-season run of Ed Burns and David Simon’s The Wire was “the best TV show ever broadcast in America”–not the most popular but the best. The 60 hours that comprise this episodic series have been aptly been compared to Dickens, Balzac, Dreiser and Greek Tragedy. These comparisons attempt to get at the richly textured complexity of the work, its depth, its bleak tapestry of an American city and its diverse social stratifications. Yet none of these comparisons quite nails what it is that made this the most compelling “show” on TV and better than many of the best movies. This class will explore these comparisons, analyze episodes from the first, third, fourth and fifth seasons and try to discover what was and is so great about The Wire. We will screen as much of the series as we can during our mandatory screening sessions and approach it through the following lenses: the other writing of David Simon, including his journalism, an exemplary Greek Tragedy, Dickens’ Bleak House and/or parts of Balzac’s Human Comedy. We will also consider the formal tradition of episodic television.”

Loved this show!  It really is the best thing that’s ever aired on tv.  [via Kottke]

So sorry, so sorry…

Man, time gets away from me sometimes.  Never got around to a wrapup post for TIFF. Needless to say, the last bunch of days were kind of a whirlwind.  I’ll write more soon, but suffice to say – we had hella fun the whole week, and I can’t wait to go again!