I have 2 extra tickets to see Peter Gabriel in Montreal on Friday November 29th. They’re pretty good seats on the 100 level of Bell Centre. Face value $283 – will let them go for less. email me if you’re interested.

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Mike: if you had to be a Fraggle or a Smurf, which would you be?

Dave: definitely a fraggle. cause then I could get the doozers to build cool stuff for me. like weapons of mass destruction. and they would be edible. mmmmmm…. weapons of delicious destruction.

Mike: Twinkie Missiles and Pie Bombs!!

Dave: and scud turkeys

Mike: hhmmmmmm rocket propelled hams…

Dave: low-flying-stealth-pizza-bomber…

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Field Guide to Snapping – breakdancing bears, snakes and rabbits and skateboarding turtles rock out to new music by Slang. maximum coolness.

“Children are like TV sets. When they start acting weird, whack them across the head with a big rubber basketball shoe.” – Hunter S. Thompson

This and other great quotes for your entertainment have been compiled on ESPN’s Page 2 in response to a reader’s request for help in picking a quote for his high school’s senior yearbook.