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Month: May 2001

Jesus Fun! Everybody knows I can’t pass up a good Jesus link… Today I give you: Sporto Jesus! Who could forget Matthew 4:12-14 “And Jesus said unto the Umpire, ‘Whaddya mean I’m out?! That was WAY outside! What are you BLIND???” Or John 3:35 “For thine is the kingdom, the power, and lateral pass…”

I linked these a long time ago, but they’re my favs so here they are again: Biblical Action Figures and what can happen when they fall into the wrong hands: Jesus vs. Jesus!

iPublish Time Warner Books launched their new eBook publishing company last week. “If you are a writer with a finished manuscript and you’re looking for an alternative to submitting your work through the usual channels, we want to hear from you.” It all starts with iWrite, “the engine of,” where you submit an excerpt of your work for viewing by the iWrite community. Your work is then rated by other writers and readers according to the rating form and critique guidelines provided on the site. You get feedback straight from your prospective audience and your peers. Submitted works with the highest ratings will be reviewed in their entirety by editors – if the editors like it, they’ll publish it as an eBook. If it does well as an eBook, Time Warner Books will give it a print run and national distribution. cool.

Finally! Well, the new look is up – not sure how I feel about it yet – I had something else in mind originally, but couldn’t pull it together the way I wanted, so I changed directions and ended up with this.

Quote of the week: From the Filthy Critic on the movie Driven: “Note to Hollywood executives: If you’re a producer and your movie is so shitty that Stallone’s presence makes it classier, you should be making Whoppers, not movies.” God, I love this guy… (thanks 3na)

Man mistaken for a turkey takes a shot in the eye … Just a quick link today, and a note for all: I know, I’ve been saying this for too long now, but there is a new design forthcoming – I gotta get rid of those snowflakes… and hopefully the archives will be back up soon, too… gah – I just don’t feel like working now that the nice weather has arrived – it’s been a lot of patios and beer lately… can you blame me?