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Month: May 2001

Viva Las Vegas! Well, I’m off for a little holiday till June 5th! Me and the boys are headin’ down to Vegas for a little hella fun! I’ll post pics when we get back. Looking for entertainment? I know a few assholes who may be up to the task. Think that’s infantile? Ben over at Stickybuffalo seems like he could use some company… Looking for webcam whores? Then get your ass over to survivorcam – don’t want to miss any action!

Hot for teacher – Y’know, if they had teachers like this when I was in school, maybe I would have spent more time there! (no, I don’t condone this type of behaviour, but if I was 17 years old, I don’t think I’d be complaining)

I survived… …the weekend! Every year on this long weekend, a bunch of friends of mine and I celebrate all of our May birthdays (mine was yesterday). It usually turns into an all-debauchery, all-the-time weekend! I’m proud to say, I’ve survived one more. And I even made it to work today. I’m feeling a little sorry for my liver, though….

Doctors say Marijuana should not be a crime – The Canadian Medical Association Journal has come out in favour of decriminalization by saying that Canadians caught with small amounts should not get stuck with a criminal record. “The minimal negative health effects of moderate use would be attested to by the estimated 1.5 million Canadians who smoke marijuana for recreational purposes.” There’s a big momentum for the decriminalization movement here in Canada these days… at the rate we’re going, it may not be a pipe-dream after all. Wonder what the US government would think of decriminalization in Canada? Wonder how many Americans would start vacationing in Canada?