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Month: April 2001

The Crotchety Old Man Show – So Mark Burnett’s got a new show all lined up – Combat Missions – “It’s a competition exclusively for America’s Elite…teams of Special Operations veterans from the ranks of such organizations as the Navy SEALs, Delta Force, SWAT, and Army Rangers…” And the host is none other than Survivor 1’s Rudy Boesch. eek.

Poor Beaver… US actor Jerry Mathers, better known as TV’s Beaver Cleaver, ended up in a fight for his life after taking part in a Survivor parody on Jay Leno last month. As part of the act, Mathers and some other TV stars took part in the Repulsive Food Relay Race. The worm handed to Mathers for consumption turned out to be a deadly South American variety with sharp, biting pincers that bored through his intestinal lining. He was admitted to hospital in a severe condition after it left him with abdominal cramps, relentless diarrhoea and rectal bleeding. Poor bastard.

UPDATE: Did a bunch of messing around with the site this weekend. Stupid me – screwed a bunch of things up – got most things fixed, except the archives… will get them fixed soon. Posts will be thin this week – busy at work, and busy working on a new design – hopefully be back to normal by end of week.

blog by night info: Don’t know what happened to all the stuff at the left. I haven’t changed any code at all, and everything looks right, but suddenly the SSI doesn’t want to work. It’s probably time for a redesign anyway, since winter’s over. Maybe this weekend.

We had customers just like this at my old grocery store (minus the assault on the police officer, but including the assaults on employees). I think they’re everywhere. I used to love the old, “I spend $400 here, every month!” routine – most of the time not a single employee would recognize them as ever having been in the store before. After 11 years in the business, I learned one thing: “When you’re done takin’ it in the ass from every customer in the joint, make sure to save some energy ’cause management wants their turn.”