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Category: Burning Man

Derek Powazek had this to say on his website: “It’s difficult to explain what that First Time is like to someone who’s never been, but everyone who has understands. Have you ever taken a trip that lasted long enough, and was dramatically different enough, that you completely forgot where you came from? It’s like that. Except Burning Man isn’t the trip. The rest of your life is the trip. Burning Man is coming home.”

It’s 2am – my flight is at 6:40am, so I probably have to be at the airport somewhere around 5:00am, so I figure I’ll just stay up… I don’t imagine I’d be waking up otherwise. Everything’s packed – with the exception of a few carry-on items that need to go into my small backpack. Unless I’m totally blanking on something, I think I even have everything under control – it’s really becoming clear how beneficial this forced week off of work has been.

I’ve decided that I’ll definitely be bringing my laptop and Mike’s digital camera. I’ll do my best to post here each day and hopefully will be able to get some photos up as well.