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Dave Samojlenko Posts

Is Caffeine to Soda what Nicotine is to Cigarettes?A Johns Hopkins study suggests that yes, Caffeine is added to soft drinks as a mildly addictive, mood-altering drug that hooks people into drinking more of it. The soft-drink industry says it adds flavour.

Hunter S. Thompson is so bored with the political climate these days, he’s given up writing about it. “Anyone with half a fucking brain would be apathetic.” Lately he’s been more interested in shooting bears (and wounding his assistants).

Lou Pearlman, the man behind the boy bands Backstreet Boys and ‘NSync announced this week, “Well, as I’m sure it’s been clear to you all along, I’m not interested in making music. I’m interested in making money. And ever since that whole MP3 thing started, I realized that the death of the recording industry as we know it is just a matter of time. That’s when I came up with the idea of using my latest boy band, O-Town, to create and market a new brand of clothing.”

(Ironminds: Making the Brand)

I don’t know what’s more disturbing: The fact that there is going to be yet another boy band smelling up the airwaves; The idea that said boy band is nothing but a blatant marketing strategy; or that one of the members of O-Town said about the branding: “It’s kind of what The-Artist-Formerly-Known-as-Prince did with that weird symbol back when we were babies, only better.” NO! It is NOTHING like that!!!!!

Summer is here! Finally… an entire weekend that felt like summer! It was a welcome change from the usually rainy weekends Ottawa has seen so far… let’s just hope it keeps up well into the fall.

Name Your Baby IUMA! –, an online music site, has launched the “Name your baby Iuma” contest. Taking marketing to a whole new level, IUMA (Internet Underground Music Archive) will pay parents $5,000 or New Music for life to name their child Iuma.

Obscene Interiors – A professional interior designer and a self-proclaimed “Smartass Designer Extrodinaire(sic)” take a look at, and comment on the horrors of interior design in Amateur Porn photos.

Love Hurts – Registration is required to read this article. Some guy proposes to his girlfriend, she accepts, and he goes psycho. He tells her he has a surprise for her, and takes her to the landscaping business where he works. He tells her to close her eyes and lie down, then he lays down beside her on what turned out to be a conveyer belt which was to feed them both into a wood chipper! He ends up killing himself while trying to pull her in wth him – apparently her hair got caught up in the outer rollers of the machine, shutting it off. She survived with some injuries. Y’know, I enjoy a free ride every now and again, just like anyone else… Napster is a great way to fill your hard drive with MP3s, and I love sticking it to the record companies… but I know that while I am screwing the record companies out of their profits, I am also screwing the artist… to me, that’s not right. seeks to be a virtual tip jar, so to speak, where you can go and make payments directly to the artists if you wish to do so. Kind of a neat idea…here’s an article about it. I don’t know if this particular site is the answer to the great moral dilemma, but it could be a step in the right direction anyway. Should be interesting to see how everything ends up…

I am SO pissed off about Survivor … Rich and his alliance ruined the whole show… As long as he doesn’t win, I could probably live with the outcome. But GOD! Is he ever a DICK! … Is there really any point to watching it from here on in? The only way it could end well is if either Kelly or Sean wins immunity through the rest of the episodes. Actually, that would probably make it interesting… I guess I’ll still watch.