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So Napster gets its

day in court

today. The RIAA is seeking an injunction to shut Napster down citing copyright violations. Napster argues that it’s users are not doing anything illegal, but that the file-swapping falls under “fair use”… I think they’ve got a chance- it would be nice to see the music industry on their knees.

Great role model: “I will never pay any dime of that verdict” O.J. Simpson told NBC’s “Today” show in an interview, referring to the $33.5 million a civil jury awarded to the families of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman for his responsibility in their deaths.
He was on the show to promote, a website that will open this week to allow the public to chat with Simpson… for a fee! Incidentally, the company that built the site for him is also the company that brought us

It’s just occured to me that I didn’t put an e-mail link anywhere on this page… damn. For now, just use this [removed] until I can get one up in the nav bar. (lesson learned: don’t design web sites after 1:30am)

Canadian World Domination? Don’t laugh… …ok laugh – it’s all in good fun. One of my favourite sites I’ve come accross lately. Lot’s of fun, and they have a great recipe for ribs to boot!

This is my first entry on ‘blog by night’… I just finished setting up the site as of five minutes ago, so you won’t find much here right now… However, expect to see something to the tune of daily updates, in which I will post my thoughts about things going on in the world, as well as cool shit I find in my travels on the www… enjoy!