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Month: September 2008

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  • @JeannineRichard welcome to twitter! #
  • can’t wait to see the season premiere of The Office tonight! #
  • so McCain blinked – is participating in the debate tonight- guess he figured out that giving Obama a 90minute townhall would be unwise #

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  • Just learned how to pronounce Synecdoche #
  • Charlie Kaufman is one weird little dude… #
  • So sad… Only three movies left for us… Should be four, but we got invited to the ET Canada party so we’re giving away a pair of tix … #
  • Wanted to buy some swag but I dunno… Kinda pricey… #

TIFF 08 – Days 4&5 – Briefly

Haven’t had much time to write.  Got another busy day today, so just a few quick things:

  • Ghost Town:  an otherwise completely ordinary film was quite funny thanks to Ricky Gervais
  • The People Speak:  Howard Zinn, Matt Damon, Josh Brolin and Chris Moore along with surprise guests Marissa Tomei and Viggo Mortensen discuss the documentary based on Zinn’s A People’s History of the United States.  Spotted in the crowd were Tim Robbins, Danny Glover, and Naomi Kline.
  • Zack and Miri Make a Porno:  Kevin Smith at his best – probably his best work.
  • Not Quite Hollywood:  “Rock”umentary about Oz-sploitation films – crazy and fun.
  • L’Heure d’ete:  SNOOZEfest!
  • Good:  it took some discussion afterwards for me to decide if I liked this film.  I do.

I’ve taken lots of good video and some not so good pictures but the computer I’m using is wayyyy too slow – will upload when I’m home.

TIFF 08 – Day 3 – Cont’d

Ok, busy couple of days…  the party on Day 3 was totally fun – we got all dressed up and went to the place and enjoyed some complimentary wine and food (roast beef, assorted hors d’oevres and cheeses, oh my!) and performances by members of the cast of the revival production of A Chorus Line.  Unfortunately we couldn’t stay long, as we had a screening to get to.

Religulous was fantastic, (probably hired) protesters and all!  The documentary is essentially an hour and a bit of Bill Maher running around making fun of people of faith followed by a call to arms for the large silent minority of non believers in the world to speak up and stop letting the world be run by people who believe in fairy tales.  The film won’t win over any converts, but if you’re a fan of Bill Maher and a bona fide skeptic, you’ll be entertained.  The Q&A was great too – I have some video to put up, unfortunately I ran out of room on my camera and couldn’t take as much as I’d have liked.