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Bluesfest – Days 2,3,4

Holy crap I’m tired.  and sore.  4 days of walking/standing/dancing is starting to take its toll.  Also the weather has been phenomenal, but the sun gets hard to take after a while.  Gotta remember to drink more water and less beer.  Less beer for sure – Bluesfest is not going to be good for my summer physique.

Highlights so far:  The Wailers last night were amazing.  Snoop Dogg was a blast.  Infected Mushroom definitely did not help with the noise complaint issues.  Ladytron was great (and loud) as well.  I wish I would have spent more time at Zappa, but they were on at the same time as Steely Dan and it was a tough decision so I just followed the crowd.

Spent most of Lucinda Williams’ set sitting near the merch tent and eating/drinking – but from what I caught, she seemed to put on a good show.

Caught a few songs towards the end of Les Breastfeeders set – great name – and they were definitely rocking.

Unfortunately Feist was kinda boring – I had heard good things about her live performances, but I suppose she’d do better in a more intimate environment.

Been trying to spend bits of time at the smaller stages watching bands I haven’t heard of just for the bluesville experience of it and have been having limited success – I keep getting caught up hanging out with friends and eating/drinking.  Gotta spend more time with the music!

Sadly missed:  I really wish I could have caught The Weakerthans who were on at the same time as The Wailers.  Also would have liked to see more of Widespread Panic – also on at the same time as The Wailers – though I did see their big finale which was impressive.

Lots of great stuff left to see – tonight I’m hoping to make it in time to catch The D’urbervilles, then the big acts are Matthew Good and James Taylor.

Will try to get pictures and vids up soon.

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