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These parents are wrong

Science, religion clash over Canadian sextuplets – The parents of sextuplets born in Vancouver are in a fight with the Provincial government over the government’s intervention when the parents refused blood transfusions for their children because their religion forbids it. The government stepped in and took custody of the children so the doctors could do their jobs and save the kids lives.

This is the type of thing that shows just how goddamn stupid religion can be, and why we as a modern intelligent society need to finally grow up and stop believing in fairy tales. This couple’s belief in fairy tales could well have lead to the deaths of their own children.

I’m not sure of the circumstances, but two of the six have already died. If those deaths had anything to do with this couple’s ridiculous beliefs, then they should be charged with criminal negligence. Or homicide.

You know, I personally think the world would be much better off without all the religious baggage that humanity carries around. But whatever, if you need religion in your life, so fucking be it. But don’t you dare endanger your children’s or anyone else’s lives for the sake of your fairy tales.

In another article a person of the same faith says, “Some people paint pictures of us as strange, fanatical people, but we’re not. We love our children and would do anything for them other than to break God’s law.” I don’t have kids or anything, but I’m pretty sure that if I did I would do ANYTHING for them, without qualification. God’s law my ass.

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