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Some News

You can now catch my DJ partner John and I on Sunday Nights at OnTap on York Street in Ottawa spinning hits from the 80’s and 90’s. This is kind of a dream come true for us – we’ve always wanted our own club night, and finally have it.

Sure, we’d have preferred to have had this 5 years ago or so, before we both got too old to really be out so late on Sunday nights… but whatever. We’ll just have to work on our Sunday afternoon power-naps.

I’ve also taken over as Production Manager on a production of Michel Tremblay’s Forever Yours Marie-lou which will be playing February 22-25 at Cube Gallery in Ottawa. This is a long-awaited return to the theatre for me, something I’ve been itching to get back into for a long time. It’s been more than 5 years since my production company, Pressed For Time closed out its last production, and I’ve been feeling the itch for a while…

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