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ColdFusion… really.

Finally, a response for all those people that have been asking me, “ColdFusion, really? I thought that technology was dead….” I’ve heard that phrase intermittently throughout my 7 years of programming CF, and it always blows my mind… but especially now – this is a time when I feel the CF Developer Community is stronger than ever, yet outside the community, there’s a drastically different perception…

Adobe has published a list of the world’s top companies who rely on ColdFusion MX.

“75 of the Fortune 100 companies and at more than 10,000 other companies worldwide…”


  • More than 125,000 ColdFusion servers deployed
  • Estimated base of over 300,000 developers
  • Purchased by more than 10,000 organizations

Doesn’t sound like a “dead technology” to me. Nice. Also a good indicator for anyone who’s doubted Adobe’s commitment to the technology.

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