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Media bias on climate change

Stephen Taylor – Conservative Party of Canada Pundit: Media bias on climate change

So Rona Ambrose gets the dubious “Fossil of the Day Award” at the U.N. Framework Convention on Climate Change and the press in Canada is falling all over themselves to report on it. But a year ago Stephane Dion of the Liberal Party received the same “award” at the UNFCCC conference in Montreal, and not drop of ink was spilled.

The Liberals sign us on to the Kyoto Accord and spend the next 13 years doing nothing and running up a 30% increase in Greenhouse Gasses. But it’s the Conservatives that take flak for actually implementing a plan with attainable targets, recognizing the fact that due to Liberal inaction original Canadian targets are now unreachable (a fact even Liberals acknowledge).

Of course, it’s just the same old story…

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