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Month: November 2006

ColdFusion… really.

Finally, a response for all those people that have been asking me, “ColdFusion, really? I thought that technology was dead….” I’ve heard that phrase intermittently throughout my 7 years of programming CF, and it always blows my mind… but especially now – this is a time when I feel the CF Developer Community is stronger than ever, yet outside the community, there’s a drastically different perception…

Adobe has published a list of the world’s top companies who rely on ColdFusion MX.

“75 of the Fortune 100 companies and at more than 10,000 other companies worldwide…”


  • More than 125,000 ColdFusion servers deployed
  • Estimated base of over 300,000 developers
  • Purchased by more than 10,000 organizations

Doesn’t sound like a “dead technology” to me. Nice. Also a good indicator for anyone who’s doubted Adobe’s commitment to the technology.

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Boing Boing: Wii – first impressions

Wii – first impressions: “The simplicity and intuitiveness of the controller had leveled the playing field between my daughter and me. Her days of treating me like one of those TV commercial idiot dads were over.

‘Hey, no fair!’ she said. ‘You’re bigger than me.’

‘Payback is a mother, honey,’ I said. ‘Wanna try again?'”

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