Day 6, 7, 8, and the post-tiff blues…


Ok, we’re back home. I’m kinda sad. Gotta start work tomorrow and no more movies for a while… that was so much fun. We’re already planning next year’s visit. I’ll write more wrap up stuff later, and as promised, get back to re-reviewing some of the flicks. For now, just some more quickies:

Day 6: I Don’t Have a Title For This Day

I didn’t love this film, but it was pretty cool – very cool style of animation, good story and all, I think I just had a hard time with the pacing. One interesting note: the movie studio is apparently pretty concerned about piracy with this flick – there were several security guards standing at the front of the theater scanning the audience for cameras throughout. I may be mistaken, but I think they were using some kind of night-vision contraptions too. I never saw this kind of security at any other film. And once I noticed them and realized what they were doing during this film, I got rather distracted by it.

Un Dimanche a Kigali
Based on the novel, A Sunday At The Pool In Kigali, this is a love story set in the time leading up to, and immediately following the Genocide in Rwanda. Interestingly, it takes place at the same hotel that Hotel Rwanda does, the Hotel Mille Collines. I really enjoyed the novel, and was really looking forward to the film. It was very powerful and very well done.

The Pleasure Of Your Company
Very hollywood comedy starring Jason Biggs, playing basically the same character he does in American Pie. There’s nothing really new here, but it was entertaining anyway. Nobody was in attendance – boooo!

Day 7: Day Off!

This was the only day we didn’t schedule any films – we just wanted a day without a schedule. So we didn’t do a whole lot – Danielle had brunch in the morning with a friend, then we went shopping and hung around in Yorkville for a while, and had dinner. Nothing major.

Day 8: So long, film fest

So sad that it’s over… all day I kept thinking about any way we could squeeze in just one more movie. We saw three.

Kabul Express
It didn’t get very well reviewed apparently, but I had fun at this movie. I do have to say that the American woman actress that was in it was extremely awful, but other than that, the cast was great, the script was entertaining, and the film was well put together. I’ll tell you a story about the Q&A session later.

Love and Other Disasters
This was a really surprisingly great film. I’ll write more later.

I really wish we could have ended on a better note. Didn’t hate it. Didn’t love it. Danielle wasn’t crazy about it. And the director had already gone home.

Like I said, I’ll write more later. For now, check out the few pics I took on my Flickr Photostream.