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Day 2, Day 3 and beyond… and dialup access sucks

I wanted to spend more time writing these reviews before posting them, but just haven’t been as productive as I’d hoped… so I’m going to rapid-fire a handful here, but I reserve the right to revisit them later.

Day 2: Wild, Wild West:

Vince Vaughn’s Wild West Comedy Show: 30 Days & 30 Nights – Hollywood to the Heartland
In the fall of 2005, Vince Vaughn rounded up a handful of comics and hit the road for 30 shows on 30 consecutive nights, traveling by bus across America from Los Angeles to Chicago. This actually wasn’t our first choice, but I’m glad we saw it – this was loads of fun. Vince Vaughn and the cast were in attendance, and got up for a Q&A after which was great. I’ll write more and post some pics on this later.

The casting call for this film asked for actors willing to perform extremely graphic sexual acts before the camera. Indeed this film, at least in the five minutes before the credits roll, treads a fine line and challenges our perceptions of the difference between pornography and art. Swirling in controversy since before a single frame was shot, Canadian actress Sook yin Lee (of Much Music fame) had to fight to keep her job at CBC radio after they threatened to fire her for accepting a role. The film is a powerful examination of solitude, loneliness, love, sex and one woman’s quest for her first orgasm. Worth seeing, but be forwarned: very graphic gay, straight, and everything-in-between sex scenes may push you to the limits of your comfort zone, if you have one.

Day 3: I don’t trust old people

Too many old people. I could’ve watched this film without the audience.

A story about a woman paramedic who loses her ability to speak after a horrific accident and her attempts to keep her marriage together through any means necessary.

The Dog Problem
Really cute fun film about a guy who gets a dog to help him through a depression on the advice of his psychologist. Mena Suvari and Giovanni Ribisi were in attendance.

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