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An Update

Not that I imagine anyone comes here much, but what the hell… an update. Let’s see, what’s happened since April? Well, about three weeks after that post below about not having a job, I got a job… I wasn’t really looking, it just kinda fell in my lap. It’s a great job – another consulting gig with another area of the same department I was at before. The contract’s good until March, so come April I might be finding myself in much the same position as the last time I posted.

I got me a girlfriend – Danielle and I are just about to celebrate our 1-year anniversary in Las Vegas. (to answer your next question, no we’re not eloping) She’s a great girl and we’re having lots of fun. Do I hear wedding bells? If you know me, you know that I have really bad hearing… let’s just say I’m really happy and leave it at that.

I’m a godfather to my nephew Colin. That was a strange experience. I was totally honoured, if a bit conflicted, about being asked. I mean, my official role involves being a spiritual mentor to this child, and I’m not entirely sure where I stand with all that at the moment. But I think that the role, though rooted in church-y-faithy-y things, is also so much more than that. I think that there can be a special bond that transcends whatever familial bonds you would typically have with a nephew or neice. I think that being a good role model, a good mentor, is far more important than any ceremonial obligations.

I went to Edmonton, Hinton, Jasper, Banff, Calgary this summer. Flew out for Derrick and Andrea’s wedding and then hung around for a couple weeks. It was the first time I was out there since Marc and I did our x-canada trek 10 years ago. It was pretty wild seeing all those places again. As soon as we drove into Jasper, it was like I was transported back a decade and I was young and giddy and excited at being in this crazy-beautiful place. I called Marc while I was walking past all these places we had visited as young men, seemingly a lifetime ago… I had forgotten it was a work day – he wasn’t home.

Spent some time in Calgary with my good friends Noel and Dana – it was so great spending time with them again. It sucks being half the country apart from those folks. Miss them tons. Also got a chance to have dinner with my Uncle Jim who I see once in a blue moon, and only ever at family functions when everyone wants a piece of him. It was really great to spend some one-on-one time with him, discovering that we actually have much in common. I loved the west and am definitely going to try to make it out for visits with my peeps out there more.

Lucked out with a number of friendships with the great people in my building – we’ve really built ourselves a nice little community here – many rooftop bbq’s in the summer, dinner parties, party parties, and lots of good cheer. I love where I’m living, I love where I’m at right now. Lots of good feelings going into this holiday season.

I won’t promise that I’ll write here more, because I know how that always turns out. You could check out my Flickr Photostream for slightly more regular visual updates (linked over there on the right). Happy holidays all who happen by!

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