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Went to Retro 90’s night at Barrymore’s last night. Overall, it was a good time… just a few notes:

#1, The 90’s are over?! Damn…

#2, Why is it that at 90’s night, all the guys are in their 30’s but all the girls are in their 20’s…? (According to John, “Because all the women our age are at home taking care of the kids!”)

#3, When Nirvana’s Smells Like Teen Spirit came on, there was a moment where you could sense everyone look around, consider, and then realize: “Yep, we’re entirely too old for moshing…”

#4, Saw some dudes from High School there who are not ageing well at all. Made me feel better about myself.

#5, The 90’s were a great decade for music. How the DJ’s last night managed to play so much of the bad stuff, I don’t understand…

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