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Call for the Resignation of Michael Bryant

Ontario: Call for the Resignation of Michael Bryant: “In his handling of the investigation into the possibility of banning ‘pit bulls’ in Ontario, Attorney General Michael Bryant has broken the public trust. On this basis we demand his immediate resignation.

In looking into the pit bull ban Mr. Bryant sought the answers that suited his agenda. He did not allow open public hearings or consult with subject matter experts. The Ontario Veterinary Medical Association (OVMA) asked be consulted, and were refused. American canine experts asked to provide input and were refused. The Staffordshire Bull Terrier Club of Canada asked to be consulted, and we received no reply. Mr. Bryant only listened to the people who would support his biased viewpoint. This is not democracy.

In fact, Michael Bryant fueled a media circus that did not allow for intelligent or accurate discussions. He suppressed information and experts who could demonstrate that breed bans do not work. He also did not consult with Calgary, which has had the most success in preventing dog bites of any major city in Canada because they target all dogs, not specific breeds.

In doing this Michael Bryant has deceived the people of Ontario. This is NOT acceptable actions from an elected political official. Michael Bryant has broken the public trust. What is at stake here is our freedom. Our democracy. Our rights.

For these reasons, we demand Michael Bryant’s immediate resignation.”

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