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VOIP, anyone?

Anyone out there use Vonage in Canada?

When I move in October, I’m thinking of switching my ISP to Rogers Cable and using Vonage for my phone service. It’d save a couple bucks, and it’s got that early-adopter draw.

The basic plan comes with everything you would have to pay extra for at Bell (call display, call return, call answer, call forwarding, call transfer, call block, 3-way calling, call waiting…) – and long distance and international calling are incredibly cheap.

And the fact that you can take your phone anywhere you go that has a broadband connection and make and receive local calls for your area code simply rocks. For example, say you’re visiting family in Toronto, but have business to take care of in Ottawa during your stay. You can bring your Ottawa phone with you and plug it into a broadband connection and make and receive calls from your Ottawa number (all calls to Ottawa would be considered local).

Another cool feature is adding Virtual Phone Numbers – so if you live in Ottawa, but have lots of family in Toronto, you could have a virtual number added to your account with a Toronto Area Code. So you’d have an Ottawa number for your residence, but you’d also have a local number in Toronto that your family could call and ring the same line.

There’s lots more cool benefits and features – check out the site. I’m sure there are some cons as well… I’ll be sure to report back here if I decide to make a switch and let everyone know how it goes… in the meantime, anyone else out there have any experience with a similar setup?

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