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Month: July 2004

Cute Baby

Ella, Day 56

I’m just testing out the BlogThis feature in flickr. Check it out – basically, it’s a service for organizing, storing and sharing digital images. It’s currently in Beta, and is worth a look-see. Oh yeah, and that’s my new baby neice, Ella.

You people are a bunch of PREVERTS!

blogbynight has enjoyed a huge influx of visitors lately, traffic hitting an all-time one-day high of close to 150 unique visitors on Friday, July 23. Typically, this blog has an audience of one or two per day, with a total of probably 4 regular readers made up of friends and family who are barely amused by the authors rants and antics. So what gives? What’s up with the sudden interest in this sad little blog?

Well, there have been somewhere in the neighbourhood of 300 hits since July 15th, almost every one of which came from a search page. Any guesses what the search string was? Well, the post that day was a link to a site with pictures of female sex offenders in a mock-pageant. In that post, I mentioned the name of one of the offenders who was, shall we say, in the ‘easy on the eyes’ column (I won’t mention her name again, lest I inadvertently increase my pagerank for searches for her name… but methinks you, my intelligent readers, should be able to figure it out)

Almost every single hit since then has been from a search for her name. Well, I’m sorry new visitors, but you’ll not find any pictures of her here. I’m sorry if your search engine mislead you, but I am not the authority on hot young teachers aides that sleep with 14-year-old boys. And no, I don’t know where you could find her.

BlogOn Conferencers not fans of IE


“Anyway, the presenter was doing his pitch in a polished way and at one point he said he wanted to show us a “really cool” feature and he looked up into the audience and said “Show of hands…How many of you use Internet Explorer?”. Probably 99 times out of 100 when he asks that question all the hands go up, right? Well first there was a pause and then a giggle and then a whoop of laughter as the audience looked around and realized that NO ONE had raised a hand. The presenter was thrown off his mark, but he recovered and said, “Wow! Okay how many of you wish we’d fix IE so you could use it?”

Still no hands….”


Under much protest from technology companies and internet providers, Senator Orrin Hatch intends to move ahead with the controversial Induce Act. The Induce Act, would make “whoever intentionally induces any violation” of copyright law legally liable for those violations.

Ostensibly a way to outlaw P2P Networks and designed to overturn an April 2003 ruling that said Morpheus and Grokster were not liable for copyright infringements that took place using their software, the Induce Act has been widely criticized as having the potential to “make hardware makers like Apple and Toshiba–and even journalists–liable for products and reviews that could “induce” the public to violate copyright law.”

During Senate hearings regarding the Induce Act, Marybeth Peters, the head of the US Copyright Office, has taken radical copyright maximalism to a new level by not only supporting the Induce Act, but going so far as to say that the Induce Act wasn’t enough and that Congress should overturn the Betamax decision (which made VCR’s legal).