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Black Tuesday

What a disappointment. Make no mistake about it: last night’s win for the Liberal minority government was a victory for sleaze and lies. The Liberals ran on a platform of fear and half-truths and innuendo and the people of this country have bought it hook, line and sinker. The Liberals have certainly lowered the bar when it comes to campaign tactics in this country, and have proven that we are not immune to American-style politics. Who needs the hearts and minds of voters when all you’ve gotta do is sling around as much mud as you can and hope some sticks.

Hold onto your wallets folks, because the only way the Liberals will be able to hold onto power is to belly up to the left-wing social programs of the NDP and Bloc. Remember what the NDP did to Ontario? Mr. Layton is promising to keep Paul to the promises he made during the election. Something tells me people may have actually been hoping the Liberals would break their promises this time… y’know, as per the status quo.

Think we’ll ever get to the bottom of the Adscam scandal now? Think again. We just gave the Libs a healthy pat on the back for stealing millions of dollars. No one will go to jail. The judicial inquiry will be hampered by uncooperative Liberals who have nothing to say now that the electorate has all but forgiven them.

Any bets on what the next boondoggle will be? I’d bet the national daycare program funnels at least a few billion dollars into the pockets of Liberals. Wonder if the NDP will see any of that action?

I suppose we get the government we deserve… I just have a hard time grasping just what it is we did to deserve this Liberal government? Must be bad karma from another life…

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