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Unfairenheit 9/11

The Lies of Michael Moore.

Just a little reminder to all those who have been coming out of the theatres all outraged and incited, Michael Moore does not have the final word on all this. He is a man with an agenda and a tendency for sensationalism who is out to sell you movie tickets.

His films have always been a great way to spark dialogue on controversial subjects, but there is danger in the way that people have been interpreting his films as straight-up documentaries. Sure, he makes a lot of good points and has a knack for loosely connecting dots that help forward his message, but remember that Moore’s word is not the word of God. There is as much significance in the things he chooses to leave out of his film as those he leaves in.

I’m not saying this film is all wrong… and I’m certainly not chiming in as onside with the American Right. I’m actually a fan of Michael Moore’s and am looking forward to seeing this film. I just think we’ve got to remember that his business is, ultimately, entertainment.

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