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a little over a year later…

So for some reason roughly a year ago I stopped posting to this blog. It’s not the first time I’ve taken a break from it. I’m not a good blogger. But Blogger just relaunched with a cool new site and all these new features that I just had to try out. Also, I’ve been itching to write for some time but just haven’t found the time to setup something new or to fix what I had before.

This site has been in limbo since I lost the domain (, and I’ve been meaning to setup a new site with a new domain, but well… you know. Life. and stuff. So now I’ve just moved all my archives over to blog*spot – Blogger’s free hosting service – and figure I’ll just keep things simple for now by using one of Blogger’s great new templates (this one is courtesy of Doug Bowman).

There’s some pretty old stuff over there on the right. As you can see my archives go back to 2000. Many of the links in there probably go nowhere now. And there are a lot of links. I haven’t been much of a writer – more of a link collector. I can’t say if my blog will be any better now – though I hope it will be. I’m just one of a million voices out there now. I’m not sure I can give you any good reason to read me over someone else. But here I am anyway.

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