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welcome to the redesign

I know… what the hell am I doing redesigning this site when it’s been sitting dormant for so long… what can I say – I couldn’t resist – Travis’s insanely cool patterns were calling to me (thanks to Matt). I’ve also been dying to make this site standards compliant. Which it is. Check it out: it validates as XHTML Transitional. But you probably don’t know what that means. I’m a geek, so it’s cool to me. Something else that’s cool to me is that this design has been done entirely with CSS – no tables for layout! What all this means is that although the content of this site is available to all browsers, the site’s design elements will not display in non-standards-compliant web browsers – so Netscape 4x (L)users are SOL. Get outta the 90’s and get a better browser.

Update I’ve just noticed that the site doesn’t quite look right in IE 5 on the Mac – the cool background pattern isn’t showing. Dunno why. I’m looking into it.

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