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Most people need their weekends to recover from a tough work week… I need my work week to recover from my weekends. Not that I should be complaining- I do it to myself – and it’s hella fun… but I’m sure if it lasted any longer than 3 days, I’d be dead by 35 (I’m 29).

This past weekend:

– Friday night dancing and drinking at the favourite bar, followed by brining four complete strangers to the house and partying till 4:30am.

– Saturday night found the crew at the afterhours- I danced (sober!) till 6am.

– Sunday, I awoke sometime in the afternoon, then went for a 3-hour bike ride around the city and across the river- that night I found myself sipping martinis and dancing, arriving home at 2am- evening capped off with a glass of iced vodka.

Forcast for next weekend:

-Friday night check-in and pre-race prep for Outlast Kingston.

-Saturday: Outlast Kingston. 6-8 hours of hiking, biking, canoeing, and orienteering. Saturday night the plan is to drive back from Kingston, get some sleep, then drive 40mins north for a party under the stars.

-Sunday: oh god, I don’t even want to think about it.

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