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Making the switch

I just bought myself an iBook. I’ve been dying to get a Mac ever since I left my previous place of employment (all-mac environment), but haven’t been able to afford any new computer gear in a while. It was definitely time – my PC at home is 5 years old, and starting to behave badly. So I did it – I’m making the switch. So far, so good : I managed to get my email over with almost no problem at all – I used Eudora on the PC, so I picked up Eudora for the Mac, and was able to pretty much just copy everything over – only had to do one intermediate step to convert line feeds in all my archived emails. I picked up an AirPort for wireless connectivity in and around my home, so I can work anywhere, which is really nice – I’m going to keep my PC’s around as file and print servers, so I’ll be able to store larger items off my iBook which has limited space (30Gb).

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