Vivid Dreams


So I’m quitting smoking… again. Every other time I’ve quit, I’ve gone cold turkey. Oh, except last time- I tried out Nicorette, the chewing gum… but it was gross – made my tongue go numb – so I couldn’t use it as much as you’re supposed to. This time I’ve decided to try Nicoderm, aka “the patch.”

So far so good – I haven’t gotten the cravings as badly as in the past. In fact, I’ve had barely any at all compared to last time.

One thing I had heard about the patch going in was that if you wear it at night, you may experience intense dreams. I’d heard some horror stories like an old friend of my roommate’s who wet his bed twice while wearing the patch at night. weird. In the instruction manual, they say that you should wear it at night if you get cravings in the morning, though they warned about “vivid dreams.” Having heard the horror stories, I wasn’t going to wear mine last night. But while I was getting ready for bed, I started getting really curious about these “vivid dreams” and figured the horror story was just an extreme case. I couldn’t resist. I wore mine to bed.

And let me tell you: my dreams were fantastic! So intensely real, I woke up many times through the night. Waking up through the night made for a tired boy this morning, but in some twisted way, I enjoyed it. Every time I woke up from a dream, I’d lay back down, close my eyes and try to steer my next.

The one downside: I have never been able to remember my dreams. 10 minutes after getting out of bed in the morning, *poof* they’re gone. I remember fragments, but that’s it. For example, last night I remember Tom Jones singing “It’s not unusual” in a Burger King. I don’t know why I was in the Burger King, or what Tom Jones was doing there, but it was hysterical! I woke up laughing. I remember dreaming about trying to catch a bus with an asshole driver who wouldn’t let me on, so I rode on the front, hanging on to the windshield wipers and standing on the bumper. ?? I remember that a lot of my friends made cameo’s, usually under very bizarre circumstances. I’d give more details, but I can’t remember them.

I want to remember my dreams. I find dreams fascinating, especially when they’re extremely bizarre. Tonight I will be wearing my patch to bed again. This time, I’ll keep a pad and pen next to my bed and hopefully will have the presence of mind to write some stuff down through the night. Whatever I manage to capture, I will transcribe here for your viewing pleasure. Unless I wet my bed. Then I’ll hang my head in shame and will never speak of it.