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Month: October 2001

Is it Linux? Is it Windows? Nope- it’s Lindows! From’s Michael Robertson, comes the first operating system that will run either Windows or Linux applications. At under $100, Robertson believes he may have the key to wrestling control of the OS market away from the Empire: The flexibility of Linux, with the ease-of-use of Windows… sure sounds compelling – especially with the direction the new version of Windows is taking on: spyware, nag screens, product activation… I know I won’t be upgrading to XP anytime soon (or ever).

Watch what you read Neil Godfrey found out the hard way just how easy it is to get banned from an airline these days. No, he wasn’t carrying a box cutter, or a flight manual written in arabic… it was a novel that got him the boot. Seriously.

Lesson learned: always check your sources! especially if your information comes from or is going to the internet. There are a lot of truly genuine-seeming hoaxes out there, and some incredibly talented hoaxsters always looking for a sucker. At least the gang at The Register has the cojones to admit when they’ve made a mistake – and not in small print, either.

Parody or Infringement?

I didn’t need another reason not to go there… do you? I’m proud to say I’ve never bought a single cup of coffee from those rat bastards, and never will.