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Month: March 2001

Caution IE 5+ Users! A major security hole recently discovered in MS Internet Explorer 5 and 5.5 could leave your computer open to attack by malicious hackers. Once compromised, the attacker could, from a remote location, do anything on your computer that you can. Microsoft has developed a patch to fix the hole.

They’re watching you! (chya, right)
Record Industry Quote of the Day:

“Is the RIAA and its friends doing some kind of technology surveillance? Yes. Is it going to work? No. It’s really dumb. It’s another serious mistake by an industry going out of business in the stupidest way, bumping its head on the steps on the way down, because the record industry was always a bunch of thugs and that’s what they still are.”

(thanks, MeFi)

Dream Teacher Doesn’t every 13-year-old male dream of a teacher like this? As much as I’m sure the kid appreciated the gesture, what the hell was this woman thinking in the first place?

This makes me sick – Members of a Butler County church had themselves a good old-fashioned book burning! Though it was pretty tame, and they were only burning personal possessions, this sort of thing still makes me ill. Okay, maybe some of the items were just begging to be burned : old Foreigner and Joe Walsh albums. But I can’t help getting a sick feeling when I read about a kid there burning his copy of Jurassic Park II that was given to him by his mother.

Horrible Accident A Texas man survived for more than three hours after he was cut in half by a slow-moving 18-wheeler. Originally the call to Emergency Crews was for a dead person, but when paramedics got to him, he was breathing and he raised his arms to them. They had his torso airlifted to hospital, and the lower portion of his body was transported by ambulance. Although the man was pronounced dead three hours later, the fact that he survived for as long as he did was a shock: “I’ve seen a lot of very horrible accidents, but never one this horrible where the victim actually survived.”

And justice for all… A guy steps out of his shower in time to see a burglar running out of his appartment. So he grabs a shovel and chases said burglar into the basement. According to a police officer, “When the police got there, they find this guy laying on his back covered in blood and suffering from extensive head wounds.” Now the district attorney is deciding whether battery charges will be brought against the robbery victim. I think this guy asked for it by breaking in in the first place. I say, if you fuck with my shit, I’m going to kick your bitch-ass! The sonofabitch is just lucky he didn’t pick a place where the owner had a gun. Why should the burglar have any right to personal safety once he breaks into my home to steal my stuff and to threaten my family? Reasonable force, my ass.

Bad Pet Day – Jamie Kerr brought his 10-year-old yellow Labrador Retriever in to the vet for a routine shot, but due to some confusion at the office, the vet accidentally sent him to doggie heaven. To compound the tragedy, when Kerr arrived home he found his cat had been run over on the road that same night.

We, the undersigned – With over four million already infected with HIV, South Africa has the highest number of people living with HIV/AIDS in the world. Very few can afford the treatment that has extended and improved the lives of people in richer countries. Since 1998, the pharmaceutical industry has blocked the medicines legislation – legislation that could make essential medicines more affordable and accessible to South Africa’s people through homegrown development and cheaper import sources – the 39 pharmaceutical companies involved in the case are claiming that this legislation would infringe on their patent rights. To support the government and the people of South Africa, you can sign this petition urging the companies to drop their case.

Humiliation as punishment – 11-year old Kendrick Taylor learned a lesson he won’t forget anytime soon after he stole a couple of bucks from his mother’s purse. As punishment, Kendrick’s parents made him stand on the grass in front of his family’s home with a sign around his neck that read, “I am a thief, I steal from my parents.” According to the parents, many of the passersby stopped to tell them they thought the punishment was a good idea, but they also realize that others might have a different opinion. “It’s not child abuse. He’s not being mistreated, just humiliated.”