Freaky Friday banned? This children’s book, published nearly 30 years ago, has been pulled from the library shelves of Hernando County’s schools based on a parent’s complaint about its content. I never read the book, but I used to love the movie. Apparently the parents’ complaint came in the form of two pages of objections mostly concerning references to drinking and smoking or characters who take God’s name in vain. Most worrisome was a passage where the girl in the story, in her mother’s body, describes her principal as he pulled out “the long nails and fangs” during a parent conference. “The hands were clasped together with index fingers tapping (this is the church, and this is the steeple, open the doors and kill all the people.)” According to the parent’s complaint, this sentence teaches children to kill. HUH? Some people have way too much bloddy time on their hands – it’s fucking Freaky Friday for christsakes!!! The American Library Association has a list of The 100 Most Frequently Challenged Books – Freaky Friday has never been anywhere near it!