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What could IT be? The question on everybody’s lips these days… haven’t heard about IT? IT is an invention by 49-year-old scientist Dean Kamen. IT is predicted to change the world. IT is so extraordinary that it has captured the attention of technology visionaries Jeff Bezos and Steve Jobs and others. In a private meeting with Bezos, Jobs and Doerr, Kamen assembled two Gingers (the code-name for IT) in 10 minutes using a screwdriver and hex wrenches from components from a couple of duffel bags and cardboard boxes. Bezos on IT: “(it) is a product so revolutionary, you’ll have no problem selling it. The question is, ‘Are people going to be allowed to use it?’ ” Jobs on IT: “If enough people see the machine you won’t have to convince them to architect cities around it. It’ll just happen.”

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