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Our calendar and the REAL Millennium – I know this whole discussion is a little old – Who cares about the math, it was just a lot more dramatic when the numbers went from 1999-2000, right? That’s what I said. Still, this article is damn interesting – the history of our calendar is pretty wild – the whole concept is pretty abstract to begin with, then mix in some bad math and confusion will ensue: “..if you’re a stickler for accuracy, the third Christian millennium actually began on January 1, 1997 (or if the spring hypothesis is correct, sometime in March or April)… or more properly on Dec. 26, 1996 (or January 6, 1997 if we use the old date assigned – which means January 18 in the orthodox calendar)… unless Jesus was born in 5 BCE, in which case this year is really 2002…” yeesh…. glad I celebrated last year.

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