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Now the RIAA wants Napster to apologize too! – RIAA chief executive Hillary Rosen has sent a letter to Napster CEO Hank Barry asking Napster to extend an apology to Metallica and its drummer, Lars Ulrich. In the letter, Rosen explains why an apology to Metallica would be appropriate:

“I think the band and their team feel very undermined by the deal announced (Tuesday) even though many of us support it…You guys have fostered the abuse that Lars and the band have taken for standing up for their rights, rights which you have acknowledged in theory in the past but now have a financial interest in supporting since you are taking Bertelsmann’s money. Metallica took a stand on behalf of artists…They have been my heroes in this thing, and I am determined to make sure that if this thing turns out to benefit everyone, they are not left out.”

Awww…. poor Metallica’s feelings have been hurt… time to apologize… Y’know, first off – I’m not sure Napster “fostered” any kind of abuse – Metallica did enough of that on their own – Napster didn’t produce the now legendary “Napster Bad” cartoon or any of the dozens of sites that sprung up accross the web ridiculing Metallica. They were built by music fans – some of them even disgruntled Metallica fans – people who saw the farce that Metallica was making of themselves and their cause, and reacted to it. Poor Lars’ feelings are hurt… well too fucking bad! You’re in the public life- your fans have spoken- learn your lesson and move on!

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