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Month: November 2000

So my truck got broken into last night… My car was broken into twice last year… The last two times, nothing was broken and not enough was stolen to make a claim (cell phone, bunch of cd’s)… This time they smashed a window and took a few cd’s, a cd player and about $15 in change… insurance will cover the window, but I’m out of luck for whatever was in the car because that’s under household insurance which has a $500 deductible. I’m really getting pissed off.

New addition to my Christmas Wish List: Car alarms! Wonder if they make one that’ll kill the next motherfucker who tries to break into my car…

Oh horrible day… Another four to five years with the Lil’ Bastard from Shawinigan.

Frequent Drinker Miles
Two drunken Germans, looking for a bathroom during a conference at Frankfurt airport, got on a plane by mistake and flew to Moscow. By the time the Lufthansa flight touched down in Russia, they had sobered up and realized they lacked not only passports but entry visas, too. The Russians shipped them home on the next flight, where they were promptly arrested and charged with joyriding. How the pair managed to elude security is a mystery and will apparently remain so. “We don’t know how they got there,” a Lufthansa spokeswoman said. “The problem is, they don’t remember.”