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A client approaches you about a fairly substantial project with an already fairly tight time-line. You take on the project because it will be good experience, and it will look good for you and your group in the long run. You spend a lot of money and time having a script written according to what the client has envisioned. The client then chews up most of your production time with re-writes and bullshit politics. The script is finalized with maybe two weeks of production time left for a project that should have at least a month of production time. You pull a bunch of 13 and 14 hour days to get the thing done, following the script (which they’ve signed off on) to the letter. The project is mostly done with about 4 days to spare so you present it to the client. All hell breaks loose – the client makes all kinds of comments and suggestions – things they want changed – big things – things that were written into the script that they signed off on. And they’re giving you a day to do it. You want to scream. You want to pull your hair out. You want to hit the client with a bag of hammers. What do you do? You pull an all-nighter to get the bitch done. Because it will look good for you and your group. grumble grumble.

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