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I hate going to the dentist … had an appointment yesterday – why does everything cost so damn much? With my former employer(s) I’ve always had dental coverage, but now that I’m out on my own, I’ve gotta pay for everything myself… I’ve got 2 root canal’s coming up – I imagine they’ll cost me a pretty penny. Unfortunately, it’s not something I can put off, either – they’ve gotta be done now before the teeth involved start causing pain. I looked into getting dental insurance, but even that’s much more expensive than I had expected. I was checking rates online, and I came across a site that I thought had pretty reasonable rates. It seemed to me like they were going to charge me $74/year. Peanuts! So I started filling out the online application, but when I got to the end where I’m supposed to pay, I realized that it was $74/month!!!!!!!!!!!! Ugh…. what am I gonna do… Dental expenses are deductible from your annual income, but only after you’ve deducted 3% of your annual income from them – I’m pretty sure that’ll end up leaving me with nothing to deduct… It’s not been a good week.

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