O Canada, eh? The Washington Post is running a story about the future of Canada – if there is a future for Canada. This article has generated some great discussion on metafilter. Personally, I’ve got a bit of a problem with an American newspaper reporting on what most Canadians think and feel. I also resent the implication that Canada will just stop mattering in the next 20 years. The idea here is that Canadian culture is already so much like American culture, eventually we will just blend right in. As mzanatta put it on Metafilter, “…the author is right in saying that Canadians and Americans are quite similar. From the perspective of language, the products we buy, the sports we watch, and our intertwined economies, he is correct.” I think a valid argument could be made that Canadians know the difference between these unimportant similarities and National Identity. “…However, when you examine the subtleties between the cultures, we are quite different.” How true, and isn’t this where it really matters? Canadians know what it is to be Canadian – It’s only our pundits who have this “obsession with defining the intricate nature of Canada.”